ASBS – Slurry Bubbler


Automatic Slurry Bubble System

At Linton and Robinson Environmental, we are the experts when it comes to slurry solutions and storage. The ASBS Slurry Bubbler System is an easy, cost effective and energy efficient process that will ensure consistent, high quality standards of your stored slurry.

Research has shown that the aeration of slurry can hugely reduce slurry odour and Hydrogen Sulphide production as well as improving the uniformity of slurry consistency. Our ASBS (Automatic Slurry Bubble System) is a bespoke aeration system that guarantees results by blowing air through circuits of valves fixed to your slurry tank base. This air is provided through a silenced compressor and runs for a timed period once every 12 hours.

What makes this system different from others on offer, is the ability for the ASBS to use it’s bespoke software programme to ensure optimum function for any tank, (or combination of tanks) based on the slurry consistency and size of your tank.

The ASBS Slurry Bubbler always comes with CAD plans. This is to allow you the option for expansion at a later date, and ensure that this investment gives you results for many years to come.

This innovative technology can also reduce fly infestations, reduce ammonia emissions, improve nitrogen levels and allows for a more nutrient dense fertiliser. ASBS benefits also include significantly reducing anaerobic bacteria like e-coli. Slurry becomes liquefied, reducing production of ammonia and noxious odours. High oxygen levels encourage a healthy climate in manure and slurry and the nutrients are not lost as gases which creates a richer fertilizer to spread in fields for crop growth.

All our systems are installed by fully trained personnel and are provided with a nationwide back-up service by our network of distributors.
With the positive impact on running costs, low levels of maintenance required and the added bonus of a system that works without deafening noise pollution, the ASBS Slurry Bubbler is a fantastic addition to your farm.

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