Floating Covers


Cost-Effective & Durable

Employing the use of a floating cover can be an excellent alternative to a roof for an above ground circular tank or lagoon. Floating covers allow protection from UV damage, rain water and reduce ammonia emissions. Our floating covers are perfect if your tank or lagoon is not strong enough to support a sturdier cover, and instead this product floats on top of the manure and moves with the volume.

Here at Linton and Robinson Environmental, we understand what our clients need and we will always ensure our floating covers are delivered to our clients with utmost precision. Linton and Robinson can provide you with a floating cover for your above ground tank as well as your lagoon.

Our floating covers are manufactured from Nicoflex 800 HSPO KIWA certified material and are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

At Linton and Robinson Environmental, we understand that one size does not fit all. With 40 years of unrivalled agri-business experience, we recognise that the requirements of each individual lagoon and tank are different and how the use of the lagoon varies from location to location. Our floating covers are designed with the basic core principles of simplicity and practicality to ensure your lagoon or tank can be used as cost effectively as possible.

Your floating cover will be crafted specifically for your requirements, and will always be made to measure. Our Floating Covers are available in sizes between 9 and 40 metres diameter for above ground storage tanks and any size of lagoon.

Linton and Robinson can also provide you with mixing hatches within your cover, and bespoke solutions to allow for stirring with ease.

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