JT Tile Covers


JT Tile Covers

Avoid an unpleasant smell, trouble with surrounding neighbours and a negative impact on the environment with a Clean Cover Concept, JT cover. The JT Cover is a floating and maintenance-free tile cover system for fluids. The cover is made of hexagonal cover elements. They spread on the surface and automatically form a tight cover with highly effective end results.

Linton and Robinson Environmental can supply you with this simple, time efficient and effective method of covering your slurry tank, which reduces odour emissions by up to 90%. The innovative technology of the JT Cover, allows the cover elements to spread on the surface of the slurry, floating together to create a tight cover and ensuring that there is no static load on your tank.

The JT Cover covers your slurry tank almost 100% and ensures a huge 90% reduction in odour, nitrogen emission and algae formation.

The JT Cover is a maintenance-free, advantageous and affordable environmental system which has a lifespan of 25 years plus. It can also be removed and used again on other storage tanks and lagoons. The innovative elements allow free access to the tank without removing the cover first.

When considering the environment, the JT Cover is the choice for you. Made entirely from recycled plastic and functioning without expenditure on energy, these covers can last for at least 25 years and are the ideal choice for an environmentally sustainable system.

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