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Nicoflex Storage Lagoon

As with all of Linton and Robinson’s products, our Lagoon Liners are of the utmost quality. The advantages of the Lagoon Liners we have available, include intense durability, reliability in extreme weather and UV resistance.

The Nicoflex Storage Lagoon is a high quality storage system that can store slurry, digestate, water and sludge. Nicoflex is a low-density Polyethylene (LDPE) foil, reinforced with a polyester net. Our foils are uniquely strong and have been tried and tested for over 25 years. The foils are full UV-resistant, and flexible at +/- 40 C.

All our systems meet SSAFO regulations.

The Nicoflex Storage Lagoon needs an excavated pit in the ground, with the banks formed from the spoil of the excavation.
Linton and Robinson customers have been extremely pleased with the Nicoflex Storage Lagoon due to their durable and flexible nature. The flexibility of this Lagoon allows for delivery and installation within 1-2 days, and is perfect for the busy customer that needs a storage solution, fast.

This Lagoon will be made to measure for your site, and will arrive in one piece, which means there is no need for welding on site. This hugely reduces time spent installing the product, making the Nicoflex Storage Lagoon an efficient and cost-effective choice.

The Nicoflex Storage Lagoon is also available with an optional floating cover, which you can view here. The material used for the floating cover is also Nicoflex HSPO.

Tencate Nicoflex Manure Storage Membranes

Linton and Robinson Environmental is also a proud provider of the TenCate Nicolon Liner for manure storage. TenCate Industrial Fabrics has been developing the TenCate Nicolon Liner for over 20 years, making this liner a tried and trusted choice.

This liner is made to measure, allowing for a bespoke service to meet your needs. The flexible and durable material allows for liners welded up to 5,000 m² and the use of this product is certified throughout Europe.

This tried and tested product will withstand extreme climates, protect your produce from UV damage and give you a cost effective and reliable way to store manure.

The TenCate Nicolon Liner is also available with an optional floating cover, which you can view here.

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