We are excited about new and innovative technologies that make your life easier. The LagoonQUBE ticks all of the boxes, with its double function and high standard of quality.

The LagoonQUBE is a flexible, removable and highly durable cover that operates as an anaerobic digester. The product floats on your lagoon or open tank to collect biogas and harvest rainfall.

As the cover is designed to float on top, as your storage tank is filled and emptied during the year the system will rise and fall.
The LagoonQUBE is perfect for new and already existing tanks and will capture biogas for energy generation, making it a great sustainable choice. The environmental improvements don’t stop there, with the LagoonQUBE reducing greenhouse gases and ammonia emissions, allowing for a globally friendly system.

Users also have the option to lay mixing equipment on the base of their lagoon or tank to enhance the natural process of anaerobic digestion. This allows for Methane and biogas to be captured and used for onsite heating and power, making it a financially impactful choice.

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