Slurry Mixing Solutions

Linton and Robinson Environmental offer a wide range of ancillary parts to meet the diversifying needs of the agricultural industry. Have a look at what is on offer below, and feel free to contact us if any of these products could be the solution you need.

Slurry Couplings & Pipework

 To compliment the management of slurry on the farm we offer a wide range of Slurry couplings and fittings. Plastic pressure piping and fittings up to 300mm diameter. Examples of this can be bespoke slurry discharge stations from our range of slurry storage tanks and lagoons including automated slurry transfer and mixing systems around the farmyard.

Lagoon Mixer

If you’re in need of a mixer with aggressive mixing power for your small capacity lagoon, the Storth Lagoon mixer is the one for you. With ultimate power and minimum energy input, this machine is cost effective and guarantees results. The Lagoon Mixer is easily operated with all machines boasting an hydraulic top link to allow for accurate positioning of the product in the slurry. The Storth Lagoon Mixer is durable, and built to last with a heavy duty box section positioned underneath the mixer tub and a fully galvanised finish.

Contractor Mixer

This Storth Contractor Mixer is designed with the contractor or larger farm owner in mind. It is a propeller mixer, with intensive power that also employs great depth control by a double set of hydraulic rams. This allows for consistent mixing at different levels of the lagoon, achieving a much better slurry consistency. The life expectancy of this mixer is excellent, as it uses a fully galvanised, heavy duty box section chassis.

Tank Wall Mixer

Prevention of crust and sediment build up on your above ground slurry storage tank is vital. The Tank Wall Mixer does just that. This machine is fitted with five stabiliser legs, anchored to a concrete pad, which prevents vibration against the wall of your tank. This leaves only the propeller inside the tank to do the work, ensuring there is no obstruction to your slurry movement.

Slurry Store Tanker/Umbilical Connection

Umbilical system or a tanker can be easily connected to draw off slurry

Mega Mix Pump

 A high quality pump with the powerful mixing capacity of the Mega Mix, the Mega Mix Lagoon Pump is a great addition to your collection. The user benefits from numerous effective possibilities, such as filling open top tankers with ease, pumping into other lagoons and priming umbilical pumps from the one machine. An easy and powerful machine to make things easier for you.

Hawk Mixer

Many farmers struggle with agitating large, above ground slurry storage tanks. The Hawk Mixer is the solution. This machine uses its bottom jetter nozzle to agitate any residue or sediment at the bottom of the tank, while simultaneously, the top jetter nozzle can be rotated to break up large crusts at the top.

Mega Mix

If you’re in need of even slurry consistency for your large lagoon in record time, the Storth Mega Mix is the product you’re after. This machine achieves slurry consistency in a much quicker time than any other propeller mixer. With it’s large capacity output, this machine remains unrivalled in the market. The machine uses an auger to draw in the slurry and re-circulate it through the jetter nozzle. This allows a large volume of slurry in and great agitation of the lagoon, with the jetter’s powerful 300 degree rotation. This process improves efficiency, as it reduces the amount of times you need to move the machine around your lagoon. Fully galvanised, high quality and extremely effective

Hydraulic Adjustable Tanker Fill Pipe 

This tanker fill pipe has been designed to offer a tanker fill option straight from the lagoon with the 7, 8 and 9.5m Mega Mix. The pipe has great functionality, with a full adjustment setting in up, down and left to right rotation from the tractor hydraulics.

Manway Access

Easy access to above ground storage tank at ground level facilitating maintenance and removal of debri.

Wheel and Cage Kit

Innovative suppliers Storth have developed a wheel protection kit that is suitable for the protection of lined lagoons. They have also developed a cage protection kit for covered lagoons and all extras are available within the Mega Mix range.

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