Slurry Bag


Self Supporting Slurry Bag

We’re passionate about supplying you with products that improve the safety and success of the agricultural industry. The Labaronne Slurry Bag does just that.

This Labaronne closed, self supporting tank allows the user some peace of mind. This self-supporting closed tank is a flexible storage solution which is both practical and economical to use. The tank allows you to keep whatever you’re storing away from storm water, restricts the spread of odours and is a safe solution for keeping yourself and your peers safe.

The technical fabric is specifically developed for our range of flexible tanks used for agricultural effluents. The high tenacity woven polyester fabric is double-sided for better resistance to fermentation products and the tank’s special two-sided varnish finish is UV stabilised for maximum lifespan and is 100% recyclable.

The closed tank also supports long term storage, with no risk of evaporation or external contamination. This also allows for minimum maintenance, and the tank is manufactured with extremely strong and durable material.

The manufacturer stands behind this product by offering a 10 years guarantee: 100% against all material (technical fabric) and manufacturing (welding) defects.

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