Slurry Acidification


Slurry Acidification

It is crucial that the agricultural community address the issue of ammonia emission. Environmental institutions across the world are recommending that farms do their part to remedy this, and our slurry acidification process is a key solution.

Sulphuric acid is added to slurry to reduce the PH from about 7 to between 5 and 6. When this value is lowered, the ammonia does not evaporate, but instead stays within the slurry. This allows the ammonia to contribute to the slurry but not emit dangerously into the atmosphere. This process is proven to reduce ammonia emissions by over 90%, which is hugely effective.
This process also contributes to an increase in agricultural output, (proven up to 15%) as slurry becomes much more nutrient dense and the value is vastly improved.

For a sustainable, finance enhancing and healthier option, choose Linton and Robinson Environmental Slurry Acidification process for your farm today.

Sulphuric acid tank

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