Slurry Separator 


Segales Screw Press Separator

Using modern and innovative technology, our slurry separators are designed with precision, high quality materials and practicality in mind.

The Segales screw press separator is designed for dewatering slurry and digestate.
It is the first step for most nitrogen scrubbing or nitrogen reduction treatment systems.
The slurry, once separated, does not smell and achieves a reduction in liquid volume during storage.
The resulting liquid can be used for land spreading or irrigation, including droplet irrigation when mixed with water.
The liquid fraction leaves virtually no sediment or solids in the tank.
Loading with the tanker is quick and easy.
The composition of the liquid remains consistent from the first to the last tanker load.
The solid fraction is easy to store and handle.
Up to 30-40% dry matter can be obtained in the solid fraction.
The ability to vary the moisture content provides an ideal product for composting.

  1. The separated liquid contains an increased level of nitrogen.
  2. The separated liquid quickly percolates to the roots with less nitrogen loss.
  3. The separated liquid will not stain grass thus eliminating the risk of reduced intake when grazing.
  4. No risk of gathering dried slurry when tedding silage.
  5. Greater output from umbilical and low emission spreading systems.
  6. There is no requirement to agitate.
  7. With no requirement to agitate, a floating cover is a more economic option when covering slurry stores.
  8. The separated liquid fraction poses lower risk to waterways due to lowered phosphate content.
  9. The volume of separated liquid reduces by 10% to 25% from the original volume.
  10. Transport costs for separated solids are lower than transporting whole slurries.
  11. The separated solid fraction can be used as a bedding material.
  12. Grant available in most areas

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