Tension Covers


The Ideal Solution

If you’re in search of a reliable solution to cover your above ground circular storage tank, then ARTC “Ammonia Reducing Tensioned Cover” could be what you’re searching for. Linton and Robinson’s ARTC “Ammonia Reducing Tensioned Cover” can be placed on top of almost any silo, to include steel, concrete and even wood.

At Linton and Robinson Environmental, we’re serious about quality. ARTC “Ammonia Reducing Tensioned Covers” are manufactured with the utmost care and crafted with materials of the highest quality. We stand by this, and therefore, we offer our customers a comprehensive guarantee.

When you order your tensioned cover, it will be made to order, with use of the exact measurements of your tank. A Linton and Robinson ARTC “Ammonia Reducing Tensioned Covers” is a superb investment, as we make use of a tropical wood for the cover’s columns, that can remain durable and strong for hundreds of years.

The foil used for the cover is a polyester weave, coated on both sides with a layer of PVC. Special bands are welded on and connected to the top dish with stainless-steel buckles. The cover is also tensioned with stainless-steel ratchets and comes in standard grey, or green.

ARTC “Ammonia Reducing Tensioned Covers” include inserted vents for the reduced emission of gases, and we are happy to insert access hatches within the cover, to allow for inspection of your silo or access to your mixing jetter. The amount, size and location of these hatches is entirely up to you, and we are happy to work closely with you on these decisions.

These covers keep in nitrogen that could otherwise be lost to the environment. This also reduces the cost of spreading rainwater normally collected by the tank. All of this helps to comply with the environmental permit for intensive farming. Environment agencies recommend covering all slurry stores.

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