LagoonQUBE is a flexible, removable lagoon cover that operates as an anaerobic digester, floating on a lagoon or open top tank to collect biogas and harvest rain water.

Designed to float on top, as stores are filled and emptied during the year the system will rise and fall.

  • For New and Existing Lagoons and Tanks.
  • Capture Latent Biogas for Energy Generation.
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas and Ammonia Emissions.
  • Prevent Excessive Rainwater from Entering Tanks and Lagoons.

Lagoon/Tank to Digester

  • Mixing equipment can be laid on the base of the lagoon/tank to enhance the natural processes of anaerobic digestion taking place in the lagoon.
  • Methane and CO2 (biogas) are captured and collected, and can be used for onsite heat and power.
  • Biogas is exported to consumer units: boiler, generators or upgraded for vehicle fuel.