Linton and Robinson Environmental are agents for Fre-energy Anaerobic Digestion systems

Fre-energy believe in building digesters that complement your core business. As their agents, we supply, install and maintain digesters designed to process farm manures, waste crops and food waste into electricity, heat and fertiliser.

What is Anaerobic Digestion?

  • Mix animal slurry with other organic matter (e.g. food waste or crops)
  • Put the mix into a sealed tank with agitation and heat to around 38°C
  • The bacteria present break down the organic parts releasing bio-gas (about 60% methane and 40% carbon dioxide)
  • The gas is used to generate heat and renewable electricity by fuelling a generator
  • The resulting “soup” (digestate) is used as a bio-fertiliser with its nutrients in a readily available state

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