AL-2 Belt Filter

Efficient Mechanical Solids Filtration

AL-2 provides solutions for treatment of process and wastewater in many applications and industries. Solid separation can give both economical and environmental benefits. The AL-2 Belt Filter has high applicability with some examples given below.

  • AL-2 Teknik A/S develop, manufacture and deliver solutions for efficient treatment of process and wastewater in many different applications.
  • Made in Denmark
  • All products are manufactured and tested at our Danish facilities to ensure consistently high quality.

Industrial Screening

Pre-treatment of surface water to prevent unintended discharge to sewer. Filtration of recirculated liquids for removal of solids.

Applications provided to:

  • Waste Treatment Stations and Scrapyards
  • Zoo and Nature Parks


Onshore-/offshore fish farms and recirculated aquaculture systems use belt filters for:

  • Pre-Treatment or Primary Filtration
  • Sludge Thickening/Dewatering
  • Concentration of Backwash from Drum Filters

In some cases, using an AL-2 Separation System with combined chemical and mechanical filtration is required to achieve the discharge consent.

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants

Filtering requirements for wastewater treatment are dependant on the actual stage of the treatment process. AL-2 can provide belt filters for solid separation with appropriate filter mesh size, example:

  • Inlet Screening (1000-5000 µm)
  • Primary Treatment (100-500 µm)
  • Polishing (40-60 µm)
  • Removal of Solids at wastewater treatment plants to enhance further treatment. Solids usually suitable for Biogas.

Food Industries

Removal of solids at source within the process line for other marketable products;

  • Abattoirs/Slaughterhouses
  • Dairies
  • Ingredients
  • Malting

AL-2 Belt Press


  • Fully Automated.
  • Ultra Compact.
  • Ultra Low Enegery Consumption.
  • Up to 30% achieveable solids content dependent on fibre content of sludge.
  • No Requirements for Additonal Polymer.
  • Vacuum Drying on Both Sides.
  • Self Draining.
  • Self Cleaning.
  • Based on AL-2 Modular Concept (Spares can be shared).
  • Why Trasnport Water? Massive Savings on Sludge Transportation Costs.

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