Fine Bubble Diffuser


Small Foot Print Dewatering

Simplest Technology – Higher Standards for Dewatering Performance

The conditioned sludge is fed into the enclosed slow moving (<1 rpm) dewatering channel between two parallel stainless steel wedge wire filter plates. The feed sludge is subject to a pressure drop where the liquids pass through the filter openings and the solids advance within the channel. The sludge continues to dewater as the feed pump supplies more sludge, slowly moving the solids through the channels toward the outlet of the press forming a cake. Dry cake is formed against the restrictor gate as the solids forming the cake fill the space between the slow moving parallel filter plates. The frictional forces of the continuously rotating filters advances the cake through the restrictor gate.

Size Matters – When You Need Dewatering Within a Small Foot Print

The compact, slow moving, quiet design of the Prime Rotary Fan Press® integrates easily into any facility, requiring no structural building modifications. Continuous dewatering within enclosed vertical dewatering channels makes it the dewatering system with the highest through-put per area of floor space required.

Easy and Safe – Fully Enclosed and Automated Operations

Automated and semi-automated operations make the Rotary Fan Press a user friendly option requiring minimal supervision. Few mechanical parts combined with the system’s slow rotational speed significantly reduces power requirements, noise, vibration and system maintenance. It’s fully enclosed design reduces odor, building and operation exposure for a cleaner working environment.

Better Lows – Lowest Life Cycle Cost for Financial Sustainability

Many integral considerations go into choosing the right equipment for your dewatering application. The Prime Rotary Fan Press® was designed and developed to meet or exceed the following customer requirements: purchase value, minimal building requirements, high cake solids, solids capture rate, low polymer usage, low power requirement, continuous operation, semi-automatic operation, enclosed dewatering, slow moving, minimal wear parts, no bearings in contact with the sludge, minimum maintenance and superior customer service. Prime Solution, Inc. has been working for over ten years to exceed these goals with a combined dewatering experience of over 30 years.

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