Sprinkler Tanks


Sprinkler Tanks

Linton and Robinson welcome you to the world of reliable and proven site-assembled water tanks. Our water tanks are installed on every continent and in virtually every climatic condition.

We are proud to partner with Franklin Hodge who holds its position as a recognised standard for quality in the water tank industry.

Providing safe and effective storage systems for drinking or potable water, be it for a a small village, a commercial or industrial unit, or a major city, can be provided quickly and effectively with site assembled range of cylindrical and rectangular tanks.

Linton and Robinson standard range of water storage tanks is fitted with tailor made liners in either butyl rubber or EPDM material. Both materials are flexible synthetic membranes, ideal for lining water tanks and have similar properties.



Drinking Water Approval

For the storage of potable or drinking water, we offer a special grade of butyl rubber which has been tested to BS6920 and is approved under the UK Water Regulations Advisory Scheme for use in contact with potable water.


Butyl rubber and EPDM sheeting provides a completely waterproof seal and, with its closely packed molecular structure, is extremely resistant to the transmission of liquids or vapour.


Water retaining properties of both Butyl Rubber and EPDM will not be affected even when the materials are stretched up to 300% of normal size.

Weather Resistance

Because both butyl rubber and EPDM contain no plasticisers or additives that can evaporate or leach over time, weather resistant properties of the two materials is excellent, with strength and elasticity remaining virtually unchanged over many years, despite exposure to sunlight, ultraviolet radiation and ozone.



For use as tank lining materials, both Butyl rubber and EPDM have excellent resistance to abrasive wear, tearing, flex cracking and puncturing. If there is a slight foundation subsidence and should there be small surface irregularities present in a tank both membrane materials will adapt without failing. Polyester matting underlay material, installed between the tank shell and the foundation or tank wall, is available for extra protection against puncturing in such situations. Very sharp objects and blows by sharp instruments may damage tank liners and we recommend that, as a precaution, clean rubber soled footwear is worn during internal tank installations or inspections.


Ease of Repair

In the unlikely event that the internal tank membrane liner is punctured, it can easily be repaired with minimal disruption usually by a heat/pressure process. This can be carried out by technicians on site. The same heat/pressure process is used in liner manufacture or modification and does not affect the overall integrity of the liner. Alternatively, for overseas or remote installations, specially prepared “cold” repair kits are available.


Indusrial Services

A Linton and Robinson Environmental product is an investment in a successful future, and we’re more than happy to help you in choosing what’s best for you. Have a look at some of the other products we have on offer today.

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