Tecon Gasholders


Tecon Gasholders

Tecon GasholdersThe TECON Standard Biogas Storage System is installed on a concrete foundation and consists of an outer, an inner, and a bottom membrane.

The actual biogas storage volume is in between the inner and the bottom membrane. The air blower provides the air pressure in between the inner and the outer membrane. The air and operating pressure is kept constant through a pressure-regulating valve. The constant air pressure is responsible for the shape of the outer membrane and ensures that the Standard Biogas New Storage System can withstand wind and snow loads. The gas inlet and outlet pipes are located in the concrete foundation.

The outer membrane has an inspection window, which allows the optical control of the filling level, however – the precise measurement of the filling level is ensured through an ultrasonic measurement system. The Biogas Storage System further contains a safety valve as protection against excessive biogas pressure. The TECON Standard Biogas Storage System is used primarily for water treatment plants and industrial applications.

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