Log Gasification Boilers

Wood gasification boilers achieve the high efficiency by the use of when burning wood, a gas is emitted. This wood gas is superheated and mixed with air resulting in complete combustion , and can achieve temperatures within the chamber of 1200 deg C. The heat is then transferred to the boiler via the heat exchangers built within the boiler. An additional benefit of the gasification process is that the complete combustion leaves little or no ash. The dual chambers are designed that when they burn a load of wood in one continuous burn the heat is then transferred to the large buffer tank where it is stored until the heat is needed within the building. In these systems, the gases flow down through the fire into a secondary chamber where firebrick (or a ceramic material) creates the superheated environment necessary to complete the efficient combustion process. Keeping this secondary chamber at high temperatures is key to the performance of the overall system, hence the need for one continuous burn so that this chamber does not cool and lower the boiler efficiency. Manufacturers recommend using a minimum of 55L of buffer storage per Kw of boiler for to achieve best efficiencies (i.e. 25Kw boiler:- 25Kw 55L = 1375 L).

ETA Boilers

In the language of technology, the Greek letter ‘eta’ is used to represent efficiency and it is from this that the boiler manufacturer ETA has taken its name, to emphasise the goal of achieving maximum efficiency. With clean emissions, minimal energy requirements, reliable function and simple operation, ETA boilers are second to none.

ETA SH Log Gasification Boiler

ETA SH-P wood gasification boiler 20 and 30 kW


ETA SH-P with TWIN Wood Pellet Boiler

ETA SH-P wood gasification boiler 20 and 30 kW
with ETA TWIN pellet burner 20 and 26 kW


Solarbayer Boilers

Solarbayer is located in the county Eichstätt in the region of Ingolstadt in Bavaria, Germany. More than 12000 m² of storage space are providing a fast availability products. There own construction and product development office and modern product engineering are a guarantee for highest european quality.

Solarbayer Log Gasification Boiler

16, 25, 40, 60 and 100kW

Solarbayer HVS Log Boiler Brochure

Eco Angus Boilers

The Angus Orligno 200 range of boilers are suited to heating various types of premises and are commonly used in detached houses, drying rooms, production halls and workshops. This boiler can combust wood of various granulation, from sawdust to blocks. Shavings and other small pieces should be burnt together with blocks.


ECO Angus Orligno 200

18, 25, 40, 60 and 80kW


Eco Angus (Orlingio 200) 40Kw Log Gasification Boiler

Installed with a 2500L accumulator tank to heat a 3200 sq/ft farm house outside Donemana, Co. Tyrone.

ETA 60Kw Log Gasification Boiler

Installed with 2 No. 1500L accumulator tanks heating a modern 6000sq/ft house in Strabane, Co. Tyrone.

Vigas 40Kw Log Gasification Boiler

Installed with a 3000L Akvatherm accumulator tank to heat a 2800sq/ft house outside Ballymoney, Co. Antrim.

80Kw Eco Angus Log Gasification Boiler

Installed with a 5000L Akvatherm Accumulator tank. This boiler was installed as a commercial heating system which heats two premises and was installed with metering to claim the commercial Rewnewable Heat Incentive payments.

Solarbayer 50Kw Log Gasification Boiler

Installed with 2 No. 1500L Accummulator tanks, heating a 4600sq/ft house located outside Lifford, Co. Donegal.

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