Silo Systems


These Netsilo’s are Suitable for storage of all kind of liquids. Volumes from 192m³ to 1246m³ are possible. The covering of the liquids can be done with an optional floating cover. A discharge station is used for filling and emptying the silo.

Product Details

The meshed elements are completely galvanized. Height of the elements is 3,0 m, the width approximately 2,5 m. The silo wall elements are connected to each other with bolts. The silo wall will be placed on concrete tiles only. When the bottom is very weak (peat), ground improvement will be needed.

The material of the liner is depending on the kind of fluid that will be stored in to the silo. For manure the liner is made of a material called Nicoflex 800 HSPO. This material is a Height Strength Polyolefin, reinforced with a polyester mesh. Between the liner and the elements there is a layer of HDPE foil to protect the liner from damaging. When the silo is used for water storage, the liner will be made of PVC.

To cover the liquid, an optional floating cover can be mounted in the silo. The cover will float on top of the fluid and will move up or down depending on the level of the manure. It is possible to make a mix hatch in the floating cover for inspection or to mix the fluid from above. The material used for the cover will be the same as the liner.


For mixing the Netsilo System we have 3 possibilities:

  • a special nozzle of stainless steel in the middle of the silo (which is operated from the side).
  • mixing hatch for a mixer on a tractor or a crane to mix the fluid from above.
  • an electric mixing system.


The Netsilo System has the following advantages:

  • Short Construction time
  • No need for concrete base
  • Easy to relocate
  • Interesting price, compared to traditional silo’s or slurry stores.


The Netsilo System is provided with KOMO-KIWA certificate under number K 55381, and has a reference period of 10 years and fully complies with the Dutch Manure silo Construction Guidelines.

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