The Carier Rotoscreen Slurry Separator System enables a new approach and concept of management to be implemented. The important transition from spreading farm slurry in the winter months, with its listed limitations and higher pollution risk, to a system that brings more flexibility, environmental control and better economic utilisation of a natural farm resource in the form of separated liquid and solids fibre as fertilisers, represent a major change in policy and purpose. The capability to spread with appropriate timing and rate of application for a particular crop throughout the growing season when land and weather conditions are more favourable, make a strong case for this sound and sustainable system.

There are over 500 Carier Rotoscreen Slurry Separator Systems on farms throughout Great Britain and Europe which illustrates the fact that the manufacturer, Carier Pollution Control Ltd based at Braintree in Essex, are the market leaders in effluent and slurry treatment technology. Proven reliability due to sound engineering and quality of manufacture are the hallmarks of this successful company and their systems.

The agricultural industry is experiencing constant economic pressure and competition, throughout the food chain, and as the primary producer with a farm business, any system that reduces input costs through improved management and use of a major farm resource, merits serious consideration and appraisal. While the Carier Rotoscreen Slurry Separator System may not suit the layout on some farms, there are certainly many farms with substantial livestock enterprises who could take advantage of this tried and tested technology. It could also be considered by a group of farmers sharing a mobile unit or a larger centralised project.

As more legislation and control over the storage and handling of farm slurry is introduced by other countries including the EEC, it is evident that in time, spreading of farm slurry, particularly in the winter months, will be restricted or possibly completely banned. In anticipation of such action, the present maybe an appropriate time to decide on your own plan of action for the future.


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