The Ideal Solution

The tensioned cover is the ideal solution for your above ground circular tank. The roof can be placed on almost every type of silo, for instance steel, concrete and even wood. The materials used to construct the cover are perfect for usage on manure storage systems.

Product Features

The heart of the cover is the centre column. The standard column used is a tropical hardwood pole, which will last for hundreds of years. This is bolted to the floor of the tank using a stainless steel bracket. A stainless steel cone is put on top of the column and the material is then bolted into place. Vents in the cover allow gases to escape.

The foil used for the actual tensioned cover is a polyester weave, coated on both sides with a layer of PVC. Total weight of the foil is 850gr./m2. Standard cover of the foil is grey, delivery in green is optional. Special bands are welded on the foil. These bands are connected to the top dish with stainless steel buckles. To tension the cover, a galvanized or stainless steel, a bended tube is placed into the edging. Stainless steel ratchets are used to tension the cover.

To inspect the silo, there will be placed one or more manholes in the cover. Different numbers, sizes and locations of the manholes are possible. Every cover is custom made to the tank where it has to be mounted on. The cover itself has a reference period of 10 years.

Available diameters run from 8,0 up to 40,0 metres, depending on the snow and wind load.

Covers for above ground slurry tanks increase the actual slurry storage of the tank by one fifth, by keeping the rain out. It keeps in nitrogen that could otherwise be lost to the environment and it reduces the cost of spreading rainwater normally collected by the tank. Enables the end user to comply with the environmental permit for intensive farming. The recommendation of environment agencies is that all slurry stores are now covered.

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